perfect imperfection

whenever you put someone on a pedestal
they will disappoint you and let you down
because they cannot live up
to your idealized picture of them
and in the end you will hate them
with the same power of your idolization
devotion to an idol is never love
it is always grounded in fear
but if you embrace someone
as they really are
in their true humanity
in perfect imperfection
than you can experience true love
in the midst of life

universal love

I have fallen in love
and love has fallen on me
not the love of the particular
but a universal kind of love
love in it`s most generic form
the love of being itself
in all its manifestations
because in reality
the true nature of life is love
and the true nature of love is life
they are one and the same
even though we know them
by separate names

the dance of life

wake up to the dance of life
a playful act before the world
sometimes you stumble and fall
but it`s just a part of the dance
let yourself be possessed
by the music
the song that you hear
being itself calling you
to dance

i tempelet forgård

hvorfor blir du værende
i tempelets forgård
når du inviteres helt inn
bak forhenget
til det aller helligste
der Gud selv troner
på sin nådestol
din kropp er tempelet
og din sjel vet veien inn
til offerets sted
i ditt hjerte og ditt sinn


jeg elsker alle dyr
til og med mennesket
det mest fryktinngytende
av alle dyr
selv om det er nakent og ikke har pels
hvordan kan det ha seg at et dyr
som ikke har tigerens styrke
og mangler hoggtenner og klør
kan være så farlig

To be or not to be

Why is there something at all
rather than nothing
this is the most fundamental and profound
of all questions
it is the question of being itself
and it is not a philosophical abstraction
it is the most personal question
what is at stake
is my very own being
and my relation to being itself
to life and the universe
it is the question of the ground and source of life
as such it implies the question of God
it is the question of the meaning of life
is there a structure of reason and consciousness
that can be observed at the fundamental level of life
or is life nothing but a random accidental chaos
the answer to these questions
can be found in myself
because at the fundamental level
I am an expression and manifestation of life and being
I am the universe unfolding as consciousness and reason
I am the being itself looking in the mirror

a sanctuary

There is a sanctuary inside of you
a beautiful garden of peace and joy
from this center of your soul
everything grows
the flower of life
unfolds in you
an expression of your inmost being
this is the temple where you can be eternally present
when you kneel down in awe and gratefulness
before the altar of life

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