a radiance of love

a radiance of love
shining through
your eyes
your face
your whole being
and this love
drags me in
it engulfs me
surrounds me
it becomes me
my all
my everything
and I am
that I am


don`t put your pride in being awakened
of being an enlightened soul
it is just waking up to life
open your eyes
it is not something to attain for yourself
it is not a concept to cling onto
it is your true nature
Christ consciousness
Buddha nature

ecstatic moments of clarity
when I see it all
life, the universe
being itself, God
in the reflection
of the mirror
in the face of the one
standing in front of me
those moments when I see
the universe unfold
in a wild flower
and the ocean
in a drop of water

I am the universe

I connect to the universe
because I am the universe
in motion
I am the universe
in a beating heart
I am life
pulsating through your body
I am this thought
rising in your mind
I am the mirror
you see
in these word
before your eyes
I am that I am
I am
and so are you

random blessing

the greatest things in life
usually comes by coincidence
the art of living
is staying open
to these events
of random blessing
when being itself
is giving you a kiss


surrender yourself
your need for control
surrender yourself
your heart, your mind, your all
surrender to being itself
to life and love
than you will receive everything
like a gift from above
and heaven itself will open
the spirit of God will descend on you
and a voice will call your name
saying you are my child
in you I have my joy

Sat- Chit- Ananda

Being- consciousness-bliss
embrace this simple reality
being itself is giving you its kiss
and that is really all that is
being- consciousness- bliss

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